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On this page you will find links to research papers including reports published by ACECQA on the National Quality Framework (NQF).

NQF Evaluation FrameworkEarly Childhood and Child Care in Summary
ACECQA research and evaluation strategyNational Workforce Census
NQF SnapshotsEarly Childhood Resource Hub
Occasional PapersStarting Strong reports (OECD)
Education and care sector researchReport on Government Services
Regulatory Burden ReportsACECQA submissions
National Partnership AgreementsFamilies Research
Operational Activity ReportACECQA national consistency strategy
NQF foundation and review documentsACECQA Annual Reports
Explanatory materials for NQF legislation 


NQF Evaluation Framework

The NQF Evaluation Framework was developed so that governments and their regulatory agencies will have an agreed way of understanding whether and how the NQF is meeting its objectives.

ACECQA research and evaluation strategy

ACECQA's research and evaluation strategy  is a five year strategy and implementation plan which sets out our approach to research and evaluation under the NQF. 

NQF Snapshots
View current and previous NQF Snapshots, which provide an overview of the Australian children’s education and care sector, including the progress and results of quality assessment and rating against the National Quality Standard (NQS).

Occasional Papers

ACECQA publishes a series of occasional papers on different aspects of the NQF.

Education and care sector research

Regulatory Burden Reports

To monitor changes in perceptions and experiences of regulatory burden between 2013 and 2015, ACECQA undertook a three stage longitudinal study.

National Partnership Agreements



Operational Activity Report

As part of our ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, we make information publicly available about our operational functions including the number of Excellent rating applications received and awarded, and how many second tier review and qualification assessment applications we have received.

View the most recent ACECQA operational activity data including applications by month, location and outcome. The information is updated quarterly.

NQF foundation and review documents

Explanatory materials for NQF legislation

Early Childhood and Child Care in Summary

National Workforce Census

Early Childhood Resource Hub

Starting Strong reports (OECD)

Report on Government Services

ACECQA collaborates with state and territory governments and other agencies on the early childhood education and care chapter of the annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) produced by the Productivity Commission.

ACECQA submissions

Education Evidence Base Inquiry (2016) Productivity Commission

Childcare and Early Childhood Learning (2014) Productivity Commission

Families Research

Families Research Project Pilot Study (Hall & Partners Research) pdf symbol


ACECQA national consistency strategy

ACECQA national consistency strategy pdf symbol


ACECQA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2015-16 on-line
Annual Report 2015-16 PDF symbol
Annual Report 2014-15 PDF symbol
Annual Report 2013-14 PDF symbol
Annual Report 2012-13 PDF symbol
Annual Report 2011-12 PDF symbol