Useful links for Regulatory Authorities

Council of Australian Governments

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) is the peak intergovernmental forum in Australia. It comprises the Prime Minister, State Premiers, Territory Chief Ministers and the President of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA). The Prime Minister chairs COAG. The role of COAG is to initiate, develop and monitor the implementation of policy reforms that are of national significance and which require cooperative action by Australian Governments. COAG agreed to the National Quality Framework on 7 December 2009.

Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training is responsible for delivering the Australian Government's key commitments on child care and early learning and advising on major policy reforms at a national level.

Education Council

The Education Council is a forum through which strategic policy on school education and early childhood development, including children’s education and care, can be coordinated at a national level to improve educational outcomes for all Australians. It comprises state, territory and Australian Government ministers, as well as New Zealand as a non-decision-making member, with portfolio responsibility for school education, higher education and early childhood.

National Education and Care Services FOI and Privacy Commissioners and Ombudsman

The National Education and Care Services FOI and Privacy Commissioners and Ombudsman deal with complaints about the bodies responsible for implementing and administrating the National Quality Framework. They are responsible for providing Ombudsman oversight of the administrative actions taken by ACECQA. They also provide privacy and freedom of information oversight of ACECQA and the eight state and territory regulatory authorities.

State and Territory Government Links

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Government
Community Services Directorate
Education and Training Directorate
Health Directorate

New South Wales
State Government of NSW
NSW Health
Family and Community Services
Commission for Children and Young People
Department of Education and Training

Northern Territory
State Government of NT
Department of Health 
Department of Education and Training

State Government of QLD

Department of Communities
Queensland Health
Department of Communities - Child Safety Services
Department of Education and Training

South Australia
State Government of SA
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion  
Department of Health         
Department for Education and Child Development

State Government of Tasmania

Department of Education
Department of Health and Human Services

State Government of Victoria

Department of Human Services
Department of Education and Training 
Department of Planning and Community Development

Western Australia
State Government of WA

Department for Communities
Department of Health
Department of Education Services