Educator qualifications

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out minimum qualification requirements for educators working in children's education and care services.

To check if you hold a recognised qualification under the NQF, use our online qualifications checker below.

Qualifications checker

Below you will find the list of approved (and former approved) qualifications, as well as information on how to apply to ACECQA to have a qualification approved or to have your individual qualification(s) assessed as equivalent to an approved qualification.

Qualifications list

More information about qualifications (including approved and former approved qualifications)

'Actively working towards' a qualification

Information about 'actively working towards' a qualification


Apply to have your qualifications assessed (including overseas qualifications)


If you hold a qualification that is not on ACECQA's list of approved educator qualifications, you should determine if you were recognised as a qualified educator under a former education and care services law for the state or territory that you worked in prior to 1 January 2012. If you were recognised as a qualified educator, you will continue to be recognised. If you need to seek advice on recognition under former laws, please contact your regulatory authority.

Before contacting your regulatory authority, please ensure that you have thoroughly checked ACECQA’s list of approved educator qualifications, including the former approved qualifications included in the list, and attempted to determine whether you are recognised as a qualified educator under a former law.

If you do not hold a qualification on ACECQA’s list of approved educator qualifications and you were not recognised as a qualified educator under a former education and care services law, you can apply to ACECQA to have your qualification(s) assessed for equivalence.

Apply to ACECQA for equivalent qualification assessment

If your application to have your qualifications assessed for equivalence is successful, ACECQA will issue you a certificate. This certificate will demonstrate to employers that your qualification(s) are recognised as equivalent to an approved qualification for the purposes of the National Quality Framework.

If your application is unsuccessful, ACECQA will provide you with reasons for its decision.

Qualification assessment overview

ACECQA has developed this overview to assist you with your application for individual qualification assessment. This short interactive presentation will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is important that you consider this information carefully before commencing your application. If you have any questions please contact the ACECQA team on 1300 422 327.

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Universities and training providers

If your organisation’s qualification or training is not on ACECQA’s approved list, you can apply to ACECQA to have it assessed for inclusion on the list:

Approval of early childhood education programs

Approval of first aid, emergency asthma management and anaphylaxis management training


Qualifications for authorised officers

It is ACECQA's role to determine the qualifications required for authorised officers. Information about current requirements is available here.

Qualifications for authorised officers


Making a complaint or reporting a concern about a registered training organisation (RTO)

Having a problem with your training provider? If you are unhappy with the service they are providing, the first thing to do is talk to your trainer or their manager. Often problems can be resolved informally.

If you are still dissatisfied with your training, or if you are a prospective student, recent graduate, employer or other stakeholder with concerns, you can contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) through its website.


How many qualification applications has ACECQA received? 

ACECQA releases data concerning the number of qualification assessment applications received and processed. This information is updated quarterly.