Assessment and Rating Resources

The documents are available as PDFs and in rich text format (RTF). To download a free program for viewing and printing PDFs, please visit Adobe Reader X

A draft copy of the Notice of Rating pdf iconcertificate is also available. The notice specifies the rating awarded for each Quality Area, as well as the overall rating. 

National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument pdf icon

The National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument is available to download. The instrument is used by authorised officers during visits to services. It helps them to assess and rate the service against the National Quality Standard.

The instrument is also a useful resource for services as they prepare for their assessment visit. It outlines the process and what authorised officers will be looking for during the visit. Services will receive a completed version as the final report.

Authorised officers use this document to:

  • prepare for the assessment and rating visit
  • record observations and evidence during the visit to support the assessment, and
  • determine ratings and prepare the report for the service after the visit.

The National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument includes:

  • a service details section
  • a list of the rating level descriptors for each quality area accompanied by space for recording observations and evidence, and notes relevant to the service’s Quality Improvement Plan
  • a table that summarises the elements that were ‘met’ and ‘not met’, and the ratings for the standards within each quality area, and
  • a table that presents the quality area ratings and the overall rating.

If you have a question about the assessment and rating process, please contact your regulatory authority.

Assessment and rating report template pdf icon

A nationally consistent assessment and rating report template was made available to regulatory authorities in April 2014.

The template offers a nationally consistent report style, with the focus being on providing evidence and analysis at the standard level.

The template includes a summary of the ratings for all seven quality areas, as well as the option for additional comments about the overall quality of the service. To help providers improve service quality, the template also includes a summary of any notes about the Quality Improvement Plan and compliance issues.

The new format retains the feedback and reliability features of the previous templates, with a nationally consistent report style that continues to identify elements that are met and not met.  The format does not change the process that authorised officers use to assess each element and rate each standard to lead to a rating of each quality area, just the way in which the information is presented back to services and providers.