ACECQA Applications

Applications to ACECQA

Service providers or individuals may apply to ACECQA for:

Second tier review

An approved provider may apply to ACECQA for a review of ratings levels by the regulatory authority, this is called a second tier review. Second tier reviews are conducted by a Ratings Review Panel and can only be sought after a first tier review has been completed. More information is available here.

Excellent Rating

Applications can be made to ACECQA by services that receive a rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard and who would like to be considered for the Excellent rating.
It is not possible to apply for an Excellent rating unless your service has already been rated Exceeding National Quality Standard. More information is available here.

Approval of educational qualifications

An organisation with early childhood education programs not listed on ACECQA's list of approved early childhood education and care qualifications can apply to ACECQA to have its programs added to the approved list. More information is available here.

Determining equivalent qualifications

You may also apply to ACECQA for approval of your qualification if you are:
  • A person holding an international qualification who has arrived in Australia outside of the skilled migration program
  • An Australian citizen who has studied at an institution overseas, or
  • An Australian citizen who holds a qualification not listed on the list of approved qualifications.
The application form, criteria and guidelines are available here.