Approved Early Learning Frameworks

Under the National Law and National Regulations, approved services are required to base their educational program on an approved learning framework. The program should focus on addressing the developmental needs, interests and experiences of each child, while taking into account the individual differences of each child.

The educational program should contribute to the following outcomes:

  • children have a strong sense of identity
  • children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • children are confident and involved learners
  • children are effective communicators

There are two nationally approved learning frameworks which outline practices that support and promote children’s learning:

There are also jurisdiction-specific approved learning frameworks:

  • Australian Capital Territory: Every Chance to Learn—Curriculum framework for ACT schools preschool to Year 10
  • Tasmania: the Tasmanian Curriculum, the Department of Education of Tasmania, 2008
  • Victoria: the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework
  • Western Australia: the Curriculum Framework for Kindergarten to Year 12 Education in Western Australia.

Contact the relevant state or territory regulatory authority for information and copies of jurisdictional frameworks.